Grief, Loss and Trauma Framework

Losing a child is widely considered as the worst possible pain a person can face in their life. For any parent the idea itself is inconceivable, as no-one ever imagines that they would find themselves having to say goodbye to their precious child, let alone so suddenly. When faced with the unimaginable, the last moments with our loved ones are often consumed with doctors, nurses, machines and a lot of big decisions, in a very clinical environment. Luna Capri Foundation (LCF) wishes to give parents and families an opportunity to take a breath and celebrate their little one’s life while they still can. 

When we were faced with the unimaginable, losing our beautiful girl Luna, our hearts were completely shattered. The entire time spent in hospital with her was a total out of body experience, something that felt so surreal and incomprehensible to all of us, a complete blur of grief, loss and trauma. Although we were in the depths of our despair, we were committed to making sure that our final moments with Luna were as positive as they could be. Luna was such a blessing to us all, such a light and so full of life, we wanted to honour that and honour her. We made the conscious decision to do all her favourite things, read books, play dress ups, sing songs, tell stories and shower her with our endless love and devotion. We did everything we could to give her the send-off she deserved. Luna was sent to the heavens with a rousing applause that shook the entire hospital ward, in a moment that will stay in all our hearts and minds forever.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australia experiences an average of 453 child deaths each year. Accounting for 33% or 149 children, the leading cause of death for those aged between 1 and 14 can be attributed to serious and sudden injuries, including drownings. The aim of LCF’s Grief, Loss and Trauma Framework is to support those parents and families who find themselves faced with this sudden and shocking reality.

The Luna Capri Foundation seeks to empower families to know their rights and aims to support those going through the Grief, Loss and Trauma of losing a child suddenly. We hope to effect a change in policy for those who need time out from work, access to support services and support to navigate the world after losing a child. LCF will work to design a revolutionary new framework that supports families living through GLT. LCF is in the midst of creating a trauma program to assist children navigating grief and loss within their lives, this program is being created by specialists in the field of GLT and specialised educators to ensure that the program will support children in understanding what Grief, Loss and Trauma is, exploring their emotions in a safe way, learning age appropriate coping mechanisms and building their resilience.