About Us


“Educate children and families on the importance of self-identity and self- awareness, empowering the next generation of families to RISE UP.”


-To promote empowerment, build confidence and encourage emotional wellness and resilience for young people

-To provide families, carers and education facilities the resources to support children in building their confidence and feeling empowered

-Encourage and support young people to understand Grief, Loss and Trauma and learn skills and strategies to live through this and express their emotions

-To support, encourage and connect families and young people through innovative means such as daily positive affirmations, resources and educational programs

-To create a community of support for families living through the Grief, Loss and Trauma cycle following the loss of a child

-Work with hospital and administrative staff to coordinate appropriate ‘Celebration of Life’ packages for children in the ICU and effect policy changes within this space

-Sprinkle Luna's magic throughout the community by spreading positive affirmations, building community spirit and encouraging reading at home, school and in community.


With the development of a brand new educational framework LCF aims to educate children and families on the importance of self-identity and self- awareness, empowering the next generation of families to RISE UP. With positive self-talk and daily affirmations at the core of what we do, we aim to build a generation of Kind, Confident, Brave, Strong, Smart and Loved individuals. This will be supported through an 8 week positive empowerment program that will encourage these traits and attributes through a story book and creative teaching resources. LCF aims to provide children with the skills and resources to build their emotional wellbeing, confidence and self-love, through education, affirmations and the support of safe adults.

We are working on creating Australia's first family grief, loss and trauma support program, aimed at ensuring parents and their families feel supported, have timely access to aftercare and get the right information as needed, helping them navigate their way through the often-complex world of hospitals, grief and child loss.

Healing the family heart from the death of a child through a supportive, warm environment where grieving families share experiences and participate in a variety of fun and nurturing activities, specifically designed for families, adults, and children is at the core of what we hope to achieve.


We do all of this in loving memory of our beautiful girl Luna Capri. The light that Lu exuded in life, has not be extinguished with her passing, in fact she shines brighter than ever, lighting the way for all of us to 'LIVE LIKE LUNA'. Luna's legacy lives on within us and we are so proud and excited to share it with all of you.

Luna Capri Foundation has a huge vision to support parents and families going through grief, loss and trauma (GLT). We know first hand what that journey looks like after being dealt the worst card in the deck ourselves. We lost our precious Luna three days before Christmas 2020 in a traffic accident and have had to navigate our way through life after loss with no support from external services.

LCF aims to empower families to know their rights and wants to help them feel less alone in the early stages. We seek to change policies for families that need time out, so they don't have to return to work straight away and allow them the time and space needed to grieve. We look to remove the stigma associated with GLT and normalise these important conversations.

Your support will help us to reach our foundation goals and support other parents and families during what is the hardest time in anyone's life.


By buying from Luna’s shop, you can bring Luna’s mantra into your own homes, classrooms, workspaces and community centres. In our apparel, you can look good and open up conversations at the same time. Shop via the website, alternatively, by donating to the LUNA CAPRI FOUNDATION you are helping us support thousands of people across Australia and the rest of the world.

Holding a 'LUNA RAINBOW DAY' fundraiser at your school or daycare centre helps to spread our message and is one of the best ways to engage with our minis. If you would like to have Luna's Army sprinkle their magic at your centre/school, please get in contact with us via email to discuss. We would love to hear from you.

Likewise, businesses wishing to support us via their own fundraisers are always welcome. We appreciate all opportunities to engage with the community and raise awareness for important GLT conversations.