Celebration of Life Package

Based on our own personal experience, our 'Celebration of Life' package has been designed to help honour our children in their final moments. We found that in our darkest most vulnerable time of our lives, there wasn’t much assistance or support to ensure we were given the necessary tools needed to navigate important decisions, tasks, conversations and ensuring our daughters last moments in her life were fulfilled to the fullest. We were gifted a baby hamper for a still born after losing our precious three-year-old; she was no longer in nappies, a newborn beanie or needing a swaddle. This was disheartening and made us realise so many other families in our position were faced with the same ‘gift’. We knew moving forward we didn’t want any other family given a newborn box after losing a child, after all its idea is to provide some comfort, not to add more disappointment.

With the help of various local businesses, we have been able to put together a package that can be used in the unfortunate event that another family finds themselves facing the sudden loss of their precious child. Each package has been carefully and lovingly considered and can be requested by any parent/carer that finds themselves in a similar situation to us, facing the sudden loss of a child.

These Celebration of Life packs will provide a family with the essentials to give their child the best send-off they deserve without additional worry and stress to their family. A small snapshot on what will be included is; a Build-a-Bear teddy, Natural Body Wash & Shampoo/Conditioner, Picture Books, Music, a beautiful scented candle, dress up costume, glitter (for a sparkle of magic), balloons and a personalised note from Luna's parents (Jess & Tim) with some gentle advice from two parents to another.

*Celebration of Life packs are part of our 'Supporting Parents and Families' initiative at LCF and are provided to all recipients free of charge. We rely heavily on the support of generous donations, so if you're able to help, please use the DONATE button at the top of this page.