Luna's Helping Hands- MOON DUST

Luna's Helping Hands- MOON DUST

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Looking for something to keep your children safe while in carparks? Look no further! 

Luna's Helping Hands have been intentionally designed as a tool for keeping our children safe while in busy carparks. This is a parenting hack we did with Luna (and our other children) when getting in/out of the car in our driveway or busy environments. We would always remind our children when approaching or exiting the car to 'always put your hand on the car' until further instructions. This was a safety rule we had in our house knowing that our children would have to stay still and wait for guidance before running away from the vehicle. 

Made in Australia with a commercial outdoor grade magnetic backing, our Helping Hands are designed to be placed on a the side panel of any vehicle. With the inclusion of Luna's Mantra and her very own handprint, these Helping Hand are sure to make wrangling your minis that little bit easier.  

After a couple teaching moments, your child will learn that Luna's Helping Hand is their safe spot while around other cars. We recommend using them in carparks when you have more than one child to get in and out of the car or have your hands full trying to find your keys at the bottom of your bag.

They are removable and can be transferred from one vehicle to another at any time.


Magnetic Material

  • Our car door magnets are made from a commercial outdoor grade rubber-iron alloy.
  • The magnetic material is 0.8mm thick.
  • Finished product is 0.9mm thick after UV resistant laminated vinyl is attached.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

*Please Note: Luna's Helping Hands are not a replacement for adult supervision and should only be used in the company of a responsible adult. Helping Hands should be removed regularly and cleaned underneath to prevent damage.