MARCH 2021



A weekend by the beach was just what the doctor ordered, as we packed our bags and made the trip up to the Sunshine Coast, not really knowing what to expect. With more than 3000 athletes taking to the beach and streets of Mooloolaba, the warm March weekend was a total buzz for all involved. Thousands of spectators lined the route supporting both loved ones and strangers alike, creating an atmosphere of pure excitement both on and off the track.

It was bigger than just an exciting event for us though, it was an opportunity for us to support Timi (Luna’s Diddy) on his healing journey. 💞 As an athlete exercise is essential for Timi’s mental health and so training for the triathlon gave him a purpose in the early days, following the loss of his precious Luna girl. With a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and a 10km run, this endurance race tests both the physical and mental strength of anyone daring enough to take it on.

Timi put the word out to his boys and without thinking twice, they had all signed up themselves 💙. The support from this tightknit group of guys has been nothing short of inspiring to watch and this was no exception. Early morning bike rides and afternoon swims formed part of their group training sessions, combined with countless hours working hard in the gym 💪. Before we knew it, we were all huddled together on the beach, anxiously anticipating the start of the beach swim, praying they would make it back to shore with enough steam to keep going. They did not disappoint!

🏊 One after the other they ran out to the shoreline, diving through the waves and making their way out to the back. We watched on as the sea of competitors became specs in the distance, trying hard to see where our guys were, but that was impossible. By this stage everyone looked the same! It was at this point we made our way to the other end of the beach and waited for them to come back in. “Is that one of them?” Nope. “There he is!” Nope, not him either haha. Where are they? Before long they made their way out of the water one by one. It was an incredible moment of relief and pride for all of us, they had made it through the swim! The toughest part of the race for most of the boys and something a few of them thought they wouldn’t get through. They did it and we cheered like crazy, the energy was palpable. Our huge team of supporters were in total awe of their efforts. That’s our boys and we couldn’t be prouder! 🌟

🚴 As the boys made their way to the bike transition, we headed back up the beach and spread out along the track. With 40kms of riding ahead of them, we knew they’d need all the support they could get along the way. As they headed out of town towards the Alexandra Headland, their mental game was strong. With Luna girl in all their hearts and minds, their love for her spurred them on and not one of them gave up. Returning into Mooloolaba with courage and determination and Luna Bear on their side, there was nothing stopping them now! We waited as they made their way through the next transition and cheered from the tops of our lungs to keep pushing. Lets goooo!

🏃 As the 10km run began, we rushed to get to the finish line, cheering our guys on along the route. One by one they passed us for the first lap and we were all getting so excited for the big finish. Tracking them all on the app, we made our way down to the finishing tent, to watch our guys complete what was a truly emotional event for all involved. As they made their way down the final stretch, one after the other, our hearts were bursting with pride and pure emotion. They did it! Each one of them crossing the line to thunderous applause and falling into their loved ones arms. Surrounded by family and friends, it was truly a moment to witness and an absolute honour to be apart of. Luna would’ve been so proud of what her Diddy and all her Uncles’ had achieved, there was no doubt about that. Every one of them crossed that line with her right there beside them 💜.

To all the boys, a massive congratulations on such a huge effort! Not only for what you went through physically, but for doing it in support of your brother Timi and his beautiful Luna girl. You should all be so proud, I know we all are!

Bring on the next one ay, let’s get the girls on board this time around too. March 2022, we’re coming for ya. Let's goooo!