Luna started daycare when she was 15 months old and thrived in her new environment. She was so loved by the whole team of educators at Petit and was treated like royalty whenever she was there 👸, even when she rocked up at 10am! She loved going to daycare and being with all her friends, especially her girl squad, Sophia, Aria, Mahalia, Isla, Peyton, Riley, Evie and we can’t forget Sophia’s little sister, Baby Luna! Lu would often talk about her girls when she came home and we loved hearing all her little stories about what went on for the day. Whenever we would go to pick her up she was always playing and having fun and we knew we never had to worry that she wasn’t being loved and taken care of.

When Luna passed, the team at Petit were as devastated as we all were and felt compelled to do something to keep Luna’s legacy alive within their centre. Along with several little memorial nooks throughout and a Luna Wall in her room, they wanted to throw a party for Lu and all her friends. With a lot of parents struggling to explain to their children that Luna was now with the rainbows in the sky, it was a perfect way to celebrate her big life and give everyone an opportunity to come together in love.

It was a very special day for us, held at the centre and put together by her beautiful daycare teachers. Our whole family was invited by the to come along and enjoy a day filled with all Luna's favourite things and shared with her all her little friends. It was a truly magical day that honoured our Luna girl perfectly! 💜

We would like to thank everyone that came along to share in the beautiful day with us, it was truly an overwhelming experience for our whole family. It was great to be with Luna’s friends and their parents’ sharing stories and spreading Luna’s message of love and light.

To the team at Petit, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for loving our girl like your own and for giving her a safe space to grow and learn. She loved you all and we are forever grateful for the time she spent with each of you. 💞

Watch here for a little snippet of the day!